House of Virtue

The House of Virtue Program

The House of Virtue is a faith based ministry that follows God’s guidance in love through Jesus. Our purpose is to be a safe haven for women who are pregnant and to provide parenting education, one on one counseling, and life skills. Prenatal care is started immediately upon entering the house.

Each person in the program is required to attend bible classes, receive counseling and participate in work chores as a daily routine. If a resident has present or previous drug addiction we require the resident to attend both Overcomers and Celebrate Recovery and a specialized horse and dog training class. Also, GED classes are offered.

If the resident stays with House of Virtue until after their baby is born, we endeavor to teach how to care for a new born and become a productive citizen.

When the assignments are completed the resident is evaluated. An exit interview is held to verify their ability to enter into society with a good biblical and parental knowledge obtaining the life skills needed to succeed.